This collection is about what we have lost. sense of wonder and curiosity, touch and surfaces.

We like to think of a re-appropriation of the body and spirit by choosing only natural materials such as linen and hemp, and ancient canvases, all coming from the land of Abruzzo. Elements of our folklore, legends and nature have animated the style.

Silver birch is rare here in this land and when we found it we liked to think that it is a portal to see something else as well. No plastic or derivatives on our body, Vuscichè frees the spirit to show you who makes your clothes trying to put a little soul in every single garment.

It is a genderfluid collection and is nocturnal in colors and shades: like the palette of special blues and the ginger and saffron colors.

The fabric is almost entirely made on the loom locally with abandoned threads; the knitwear is made with what remains of the productions; The gold damask comes from ancient fabrics washed with special colors all here in this Italian region ... where time seems to stand still. The circle closes.

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