Fashion is a metaphor. Although it is a industry that sells dreams of timelessness and eternal style, it is fundamentally about bodies and their habitat : the new, the present, the next.

The circularity of our fashion, however, is truly timeless, an antidote to the uniformity of seriality.

It takes hours to tailor a tailormade for individual customers. This edition explores ‘made to measure’, extending sizes and optimizing models.

The title of the collection is “Second Person” dedicated to handmade clothes that are designed to survive fashions trends, a gender leap, even the Ego momentum. Each of the looks is built as a unique piece, for those who feel good wearing it, the fabric makes it in its scarcity, even more unique. Man, Woman, Genderlesss.

Circular Couture is a process that reduces distance between the creator and who wears the garment.

It is human beings who distinguish and shape Vuscichè Collections. ‘Second Person’ creates interchangeable buttonholes, intimate outerwear with evident craftsmanship, using pure, boiled, light wools from Italian warehouses from the 60s and 70s or from Wastemark certifications.

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