I fell in love with the loom. There are some things about me that I want to share. I’m not in Milan, or Paris or Tokyo, I’m in the Abruzzo countryside where life feels different. Especially post covid where there is a sense of diversity and inclusivity. My vision for the rural environment is where terms like precious and luxury mean comfort, washable, easy and honest.

I’m learning a responsible use of territorial resources. My starting point has been so far the antique fabrics from 19th and 20th century, and I spend time to understand how to deal with them with available local resources.

Regenerating fabrics ... such as coloured wool blankets from Abruzzo “right” or “reverse”, fringed and decorated with floral or geometric motifs, is something very nourishing for the mind from a structural point of view, but especially from an aesthetic perspective.

Finding a language, a style where it can be accepted as ‘sustainable’ is challenging. Designing within limitations.

I started from here, from a strange anxiety of wanting to collect these ancient blankets and pieces of fabric to study and challenge their essence. To this was added the desire to search for special fabrics in natural fibres. Results?

Some fabrics are simply treated with washes and dyes, partially industrial or artisanal, other fabrics have been designed ad hoc for the collection, they are original, mostly are made with stock yarns.

This is a great recovery of leftover material from other productions. The thought behind this collection is to rethink the way of producing, giving space to people more than to machines, to the natural material that ages and transforms, to processes that we can face, to transform waste resource.

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