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New Rustic Handmade Made in Italy

Abruzzo is a land where time is perceived differently. There is space to breathe, allowing the mind to understand many different perspectives and improve the quality of life. Vuscichè investigates Handmade Sustainable Fashion and available resources and hunts treasures of this land, things that we don't want destroyed or lost for future generations. We make accessories and garments by recycling fabric linked to the territory, involving the local community to develop our products. Making bed covers in pure virgin wool with fringes annotated by hand - this has been a common tradition in the history of Abruzzo.

The historic Abruzzo bed cover returns in Vuscichè collections. We fell in love with the fabric, the patterns, the colours and the idea of giving a second chance to the traditional covers by recycling the fabrics in order to reinterpret their timeless beauty. 'Vuscichè' in local dialect means 'Blend' and this is exactly what we do. We mix old fabric and discards of productions to make new things Giving back to the territory, celebrating the artisan history, tradition, territorial values. We are collect all old historical blankets in different combinations, where the lighter colour predominates and gives prominence to the drawings of roses or little angels or geometrical patterns.

After collection, we restore and then transform, trying not to lose any part of the original item. By hand, with heart. Vuscichè is a slow fashion brand that produces accessories and garments. Each piece contains a narrative of people and places. Every thing a story, every story a meaning. A diary of wonders, a tale of ​​the world. Vuscichè believes in the evocative power of objects to create memory and awaken the unconscious. Our mission is : to protect and safeguard the crafts,to celebrate the integrity of working by hand, Fair Trade Support for local people, sustainability and respect for the environment. Each object proposed by us matches at least one of these values. The objects proposed by Vuscichè are created by artisans who have their own laboratory, atelier or small production facility.

We choose those that integrate a transparent approach to sustainability and work dignity into the production process. The ingredients that make up the recipes of our production are long-lived, natural and recyclable. Far from planned obsolescence. Our artisans, including us, are part of the Abruzzese community. Long life for existing things with a message.

Recycling reducing waste

We start our production process by sourcing second-hand blankets, bedcovers, sheets or curtains that have been made in Abruzzo. We wash, repair, restore the items in order to recycle the fabric to make our garments. We preserve the heritage of the Land of Abruzzo by giving a second chance to the traditional fabrics .

Not only. To produce fibre, about 2 trillion gallons of water and 145 million tons of coal are consumed. If you consider the environmental impact of coal, as just one of the several energy sources in the textile industry, the harmful effects are enormous. We make our clothes with re-used fabrics or fabric discards. The pattern remains the same while the fabric is re-invented. Each garment is special and unique.

Locally made and fair trade

Vuscichè champions local artisan industry. All materials used in Vuscichè products are sourced locally, through recycling traditional fabric.

We follow the principles as set down by the World Fair Trade Organisation: dialogue, transparency and respect. Our process of production is based on collaboration and conversation, exchange of ideas between local artisans and Vushichè in order to re-invent and create through the use of traditional fabrics and production methods.

Breathing new life into old, innovating through the power of collaborating.

Mdoel with recycling fabric jacket

Transparent supply chain

Vuscichè supports the Fair Trade business model that puts the needs of people and planet first in trading relationships and connects producers and consumers through greater transparency of supply chains.

We value the knowledge and experience of the local artisan above the power of the mass-production factory line. 

We make to order, reducing wastage in terms of products and time. We aim to work with shipping firms who share our values in order to protect our fragile planet.

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