Heritage and identity Heritage extends to our lives and moves us into the future; it is part of us and we cannot detach ourselves from it. Heritage, therefore, is an intrinsic element of identity that conditions all other aspects. heritage is not limited in time.

The historical works of intellectuals, scientists, scholars, philosophers, poets, historians and authors in various fields of knowledge are an intellectual, cultural and scientific heritage. Thus, the legacy lives in our minds, hearts and souls and is part of our collective memory. It is not only the past but the present and the future alike. Heritage is one of the fundaments of sustainability.

The historic Abruzzo bed cover returns in Vusciche’s collections. we fell in love with the fabric, the patterns, the colours and the idea of giving a second chance to the traditional covers by recycling the textiles to reinterpret their timeless beauty.

Vuscichè in the local dialect means ‘blend’ and this is precisely what we do. we mix old fabric and discards of productions to make new things.

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