The SS24 collection, called Omega, is a modern Nouvelle Vague that goes beyond the concept of gender. The fabrics used are ancient cotton, silk, viscose, jersey, and linen, carefully selected to ensure maximum quality and sustainability.

The fit is relaxed and comfortable, for a casual yet sophisticated look. The artisanal approach is a distinctive element of the collection, with garments cut and “ripped” by hand to create a unique and personalized effect.

The knitwear is made by hand, with particular attention to the details to ensure a refined and original look. The experimental hand-washing and dyeing techniques used make each piece absolutely unique. The inserts of ancient upholstery stripes are another distinctive element of the collection, adding a touch of elegance and originality to the garments, together with the research for understatement with a minimalist and clean design that highlights the beauty of the fabrics and artisanal details.

In summary, the Omega collection by SS24 is a work of high fashion that combines the ancient and the modern, the classic and the contemporary, to create a unique and timeless look. With a strong focus on sustainability and craftsmanship, this collection represents the future of fashion, where beauty and quality come together to create unique and long-lasting pieces.

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