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Heritage extends to our lives and moves us into the future; it is part of us and we cannot detach ourselves from it. Heritage therefore is an intrinsic element of identity that conditions all other elements. Heritage is not limited in time. In fact, the historical works of intellectuals, scientists, scholars, philosophers, poets, historians and authors in various fields of knowledge are an intellectual, cultural and scientific heritage. Thus, heritage lives in our minds, hearts and souls and is part of our collective memory. It is not only the past, but the present and the future alike. Heritage is one of the fundament of sustainability and upcycling. This is way conserve patterns, antique fabrics and traditions become important and crucial.


We believe in Waste Couture and circularity as the only future: ‘Wastemark is the brand that identifies value waste and the value of waste. A brand, which guarantees consumers the fashion and design products that have been made in compliance with the rules established by the Waste Couture Protocol, for the production processes designed to achieve the closed cycle ‘. We are grateful to Wastemark for their guidance and help.


The garments proposed by Vusciche’ are created by artisans who have their own laboratory, Atelier or small production facility. We choose those that integrate a transparent approach to sustainability and work dignity into the production process. THE INGREDIENTS THAT MAKE UP THE PRODUCTION ARE LONG-LIVED, NATURAL AND RECYCLABLE garments. Our artisans, including us, are part of the Abruzzese community.

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